January 2012: Project Line Up

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately and how I want to go about my projects this year.  I can’t get as much done now that I have a baby here, but I still have ideas, and there are still those nagging little things that I see around the house and need to make time for (like the door hinge that’s been held in place with a screwdriver for over a year…?)


Then there are the “wild hair” ideas I really want to try, like concocting some “built-ins” for the master bedroom, or building a rolling potting bench/workbench.  Actually, these probably won’t be attempted until Avery is a little older.  But you never know.

I think the best way to go about the projects I know I can reasonably get done, generally speaking of course – because I love being able to start a project on a whim – is to focus on one concept at a time and then pepper in some fun extras as I go along. 

Here’s my plan for the first half of the year:

  • January:  Decluttering and cleaning
  • February:  Closets!
  • March: Kitchen projects – wall art and lighting in particular!
  • April: Dining room moldings and wall art.  Hopefully also master bedroom moldings as well, since the tools will be out!
  • May: Curb appeal. Being 9 months preggo at prime yard cleanup time last fall meant that *nothing* got done.  Our yard is a HOT MESS! (It’s bad enough that my mom even offered to yank out the dead plants from the porch planters not too long ago.)  It’s also now full of blown-in trash and TP from the neighbors getting TP’d a few weeks ago.  Yay.
  • June: Refinish the buffet hutch.  I’m giving myself a whole month for this one because it’s a big job and who knows how much time I’ll actually get to work on it each night.

These will probably overlap a bit, but in general, I’m going to try to stick to this plan. 

We’ll see how it goes!

In the meantime, I have some updates to the nursery to show you, including a pretty nifty DIY “crib skirt”, some other plum accents (yeah I keep yabbering about the plum stuff), a new gallery wall in our staircase, some other changes in wall art here and there (like, finally hanging some up!) and of course, I’ve got to get to that cleaning and decluttering stuff in the remaining weeks of January.

Oh yeah, and our baby girl is almost 3 months old and smiling away like the adorable little fiend she is!  So, I’ll just leave you with one of her famous first-thing-in-the-morning gummy smiles:




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