Kitchen Organization: Create a Magnetic Corkboard

So I decided the magnetic side of our fridge was getting way too cluttered.  It was covered with clips full of coupons, holiday photos, random keepsake magnets, and the essential magnetic notepad (or three…).


Some kind of organization solution was in order.

I decided attaching some of this junk to the inside of the adjacent cabinet door was the best solution, so I found a cheap corkboard at HobLob and stuck it up on the inside of the cabinet door with the adhesive squares that come with it.

Then I started pinning stuff to it….and realized I really like having my coupon stacks in a CLIP and not stuck under a thumb tack.  I need the convenience of being able to flip through the coupons and then stick them back up and go on my merry way.  Stuck under a thumb tack….wasn’t doing it.

But lo and behold….thumb tacks (the standard, boring silver kind) are magnetic!  So I pushed them into the corkboard here and there, and then I just stuck my handy Oxo magnetic clips to the tacks. 

Ok, so “here and there” really means “carefully measured and spaced so they look nice”.  Whatev.  More tacks means more options anyway.

Magnetic corkboardMagnetic clips

Suddenly, the ol’ corkboard became a double duty MAGNETIC corkboard.

SOO much better!  I still have my clips of coupons, but now they’re hidden inside the cabinet door, magnetized to thumb tacks.

I can put my coupons here....or there!

Since not everything makes sense in a clip, I included a few push pins (the kind that don’t kill your nails trying to get them out of the cork).

Push pins for posterity

The fridge still looks cluttered, though it’s much better.  Now it’s mostly just pictures of friends. (With magnets over their faces, for ….temporary decoration!)

Much better

And I suppose that kind of clutter is tolerable. Smile

For another kitchen organization / under-sink organization idea, try using Command hooks for a cabinet door basket

P.S.  Pushing the pushpins into the cork (and measuring their spacing…if you’re a Type A freakazoid like me) before you hang it on your cabinet would be easier than pushing them in after the fact – just a helpful hint!


Linked up to: Fireflies & Jellybeans, House of Hepworths


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