A Few New Nursery Additions

Fabric flower for nursery

Now that our munchkin is here, the nursery’s changed a little bit. 


I mean in addition to the cute little baby who now takes up residence there.  Awww.  The cheeks…..cannot….resist…the cheeks!

Ok.  Anyway!

We’ve gotten some wonderful gifts which have spruced the place up, plus if you’ve been following my posts about the little projects I’ve done in there since the “reveal,” you’ve already guessed that it doesn’t look exactly the way I showed you when she was still baking.

You’ve already seen the hamper liner made from an old curtain panel…

Nursery hamper liner from a curtain

And the black thumb tacks replacing the clear push pins on the flag pennants(yeah, HUGE project there, but you know the devil is in the details) …

DIY colored thumbtacks

I also added a bird decal to the end of the flag pennants.  It’s cuter to have a bird holding the end of the pennants than to just have them ‘blowing in the wind’, no?  (Anyone else having flashbacks to the dress-sewing scene in the Disney Cinderella movie?)

Flag pennants with bird

Next, the wall over the changing table has been improved by the addition of a panel of four cross-stitched “clown fish” made for Avery by a good family friend.  She’s such a happy baby when she’s on the changing table, and part of it is because she LOVES to stare at these fish.  They’re just so colorful, and with that black and white border, how could a baby resist?

Cross stitched clown fish

…and I solved the problem of the cat “camping out” under the crib with a makeshift rigid “crib skirt” made out of – WAIT for it….. – WAIT for it….cardboard.  And duct tape.  And fabric scraps sewn together.  It was a totally free project, and it works great! 

DIY rigid crib skirt

While we’re on the topic of fabric scraps, I used what was left of the crib skirt / hamper liner fabrics to make some rolled fabric flowers.  I’ve seen these all over blog-land and they are perfect little additions to Avery’s nursery tree to make it a little more girly.  Even though some might say it was girly to begin with…I thought it could use a little extra somethin’ for our baby girl.

Rolled fabric flowers

Fabric flowers on tree

Next, Avery’s grandpa (“Papa”) made this amazing stained glass!  Notice how Mickey’s clothes match the nursery colors? 


I’ll keep adding little plum touches here and there (I have a pillow in mind for the glider), but for now, I (still) love the nursery, and it’s (still) my favorite place to hang out with the baby.

Teal nursery with tree

Teal nursery with tree and fabric flowers

Thanks for stopping by! 


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