Hi there!

My glammest gardening look.

I’m Katie – a mid-thirties wife, mom, and full-time professional. My husband Nick and I have three kids – a second grader, kindergartner and a preschooler. We live in a mid-sized town in northern Colorado (Zone 5), in a new subdivision with houses too close together, no privacy fences, and plenty of HOA restrictions.

And amidst the suburban sea of river rock and Kentucky Bluegrass around us, I am a gardener.

Sweet peas and sunsets

My goal is to create a colorful, textural, welcoming landscape around our home that draws the eye and invites exploration. Most of my current efforts are focused on flowers: perennials and annuals, with a healthy splash of structural shrubs and trees. I also have three small vegetable planters. Sometimes I start with a detailed sketch to beautify an area, and sometimes I #justkeepplanting and transplanting until I get the right effect.

Midsummer garden sunset

I want this blog to inspire everyone – and especially those in suburbia – that they can create a beautiful, thriving garden without needing a lot of space, time or expertise.  I will share and demonstrate the tools I use to make it simple and easy to feel visually invited home every single day or to create your own picture-perfect oasis. 

I’m excited to share my garden progress, tips, ideas, and hopefully some inspiration for you to jump in and create that gorgeous garden that you’ve always admired but never thought was within your expertise! (You can do it, I promise!) I hear from SO many friends and neighbors (like, all of them) that they don’t know where to start to create a beautiful landscape and garden, and I truly hope I can help change that.

You May Have Seen Me Before…

My previous exploits in the garden (plus lots of new-homeowner projects) were shared on my old blog, Burbtales.com, and occurred at our prior house. I set it down for a few years while my kids were really little, but I’ve recently picked it back up again, this time focused on suburban gardening. The old blog has been dusted off and rebranded to Burbs & Blooms, but please forgive the glitches and “construction” as I slowly update it for a new platform.

Let’s build something together.