Because Spring isn’t getting here fast enough…

With all the below-zero-freeze-your-patootie-if-you-even-look-outside temperatures around the country this week, I’ve been really feeling the spring fever.

Right now, the kitchen thermometer says it’s 19 degrees out.  Yesterday, our high was negative 6, so we’re already seeing signs of summer!  Ok, maybe not…but at least you can breathe outside without your nose hairs freezing.

Incidentally, my work has been closed for the past two days due to the cold.  Seems a little silly to me, but what the hey!  I’ll TAKE IT!

So, I’ve been putzing around caulking baseboards, painting trim, ordering bathroom décor accessories off the internet, and playing with one ugly photo.


I’ve been playing with an ugly photo – of our backyard.  I can’t speed up spring…but I can dream! 

If you’re familiar with plants, it might be 100% interesting.

If you’re not so familiar with plants (or Zone 5 plants), it will be…50% interesting. Smile


Not in the mood to find your magnifying glass? Double click on it and it should open much larger.

I’m thinking of putting some squash or pumpkins in the big empty space to the right of #11….but I’ve never grown either before, so I’m not sure if that’s enough space.  Comments from the peanut gallery?

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