What I’m Drooling Over Now

Me - No not really

Nick will be bringing more caulk home tonight.  Then we can finish the shower!  Holy moly I’m getting impatient.  But until I can show you my new bathroom …I’m perusing some other things.  And yes, I’m drooling.  (Might be because I’m also eating my second bowl of Marshmallow Mateys today….I *salivate* for generic lucky charms!)

But you don’t want to hear about my love affair with barely-identifiable-almost-disturbingly-crunchy marshmallows, so here’s what I’m also drooling over right now:


Hostas – slug resistant ones, because slugs are gross. (You had to expect I’d include something for the yard!)

Hotel bedding

Clean, crisp, hotel-style bedding.  With a feather duvet and absent the grimy comforter.

Decorating without plants

The fact that Restoration Hardware never uses plants in their photos, and their rooms still look amazing.

Decorating with plants

The fact that Pottery Barn always uses plants in their photos, and their rooms still look amazing.

Rolling bookshelf ladder

Fuzzy pictures of rolling ladders.  Or just rolling ladders.  I might be getting an idea?

Bookshelves around windows

Bookshelves around windows. (hint…hint…?)

Ottoman with drawer

Ottomans with drawers.  Seriously. Smart.

Tree stencil from JenlovesKen.com

Giant tree / branch / foliage stencils or vinyl.  (or, in the case above, some serious talent projected and traced onto the wall by Jen at jenloveskev.com)

And there you have it. The official catch-my-eye-and-give-me-ideas list.  With a little drool on it, for character. Ha!

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