Bathroom Accessories: The Plan

We’re using (most of) our new master bathroom, but it’s by no means looking finished.  For one thing, our TP roll sits on the toilet tank or the vanity top, since we don’t yet have a TP holder. 

Funny how you (we) don’t think of TP holders when you think of renovating a bathroom….?  Because TP is only, like, the “potatoes” in “meat and potatoes”!

Uh, or maybe I should liken TP to something that’s not edible…

Either way, we don’t have some (most) of the basic bathroom accessories.

But this is ok, because it’s giving me a chance to envision what I want before I go find it/make it.

So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Here’s what I’m leaning toward:

(we already have the vanity top)

Bath Accessories Numbered

First things first. 

The potatoes!  The TP holder!

The one shown above matches our Delta Victorian faucets….and I’ve seen quite a few other ORB versions that are just not up to snuff (cheapy finish, not a nice ORB color etc)…so I think this is the one.

The next most important item is a place to hang our towels.  Because it’s a small space, I’m leaning toward hooks.  I really like the porcelain details on the hooks above, which are from Restoration Hardware.  It will be a nice tie-in to the porcelain sinks, toilet, the white trim, and the white shower pan.

Some white double-sided rugs (I have a deeply-superficial personal vendetta against rubber-backed bath rugs), and white towels will be nice and bright.

For the vanity, I’ll use some of my patented (no, not really) mason jar soap dispensers along with a couple of glass apothecary jars, all with rubber or felt feet to protect our ridiculously-easy-to-scratch vanity top.  Have I told you about that yet?  Ugh.  Both ways, uphill, in the snow….it’s a good story.

Some DIY Pottery Barn knock-off wall art and a couple of used books will dress up the area behind the toilet (no pics of the art yet – it’s a post for later!)

And despite the no-window-dark-as-a-cave bathroom, I’m going to attempt a couple of very small plants in there as well, to add some color and some fresh air.  (Even though my farts fluffs don’t stink, I assure you.)

Finally, I’m liking the look of decorative towel storage, so I plan to pick up a basket or bin of some kind to hold our spare towels on the floor.

Now… put the plan into action…  I need to do some shopping!


  1. We have a TP holder in our bathroom and, yet, the rolls of TP still wind up sitting on the counter (do they teach a class somewhere to men about how to change out the TP???)I love the hooks, jars and baskets you have shown. I'm excited to see the reveal when you get everything done. It's going to look amazing!


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