A Quick Fix for Under-sink Organization

I was thinking recently that I’d like to replace the over-the-door organizer basket on the kitchen sink cupboard door…with a mounted version.


After painting our kitchen cabinets, maybe I’m just a *leettle* paranoid that they’ll get dinged up/dirty?  Or that they’ll look less than amazing with little metal tabs  from an organizer sticking out over the top of a door? 

Pesky metal tabs

And isn’t it funny how an offhand thought of “someday I should…” can suddenly just happen?

While getting some caulk (ahem, “sanded” caulk, no less) this weekend for the shower project, we happened to walk down the closet organizer aisle at Home Depot where Nick saw a perfect, mountable organizer basket for the cupboard door!

For a big fat $7 smackeroos, wouldn’t you know, it just jumped right into our cart.

But when I got it home, I realized the door panel was too thin to support any length of screw, let alone the half-inch screws that came with the organizer.


My idea was squashed.  The organizer sat moodily on the counter for a bit while I refocused on the shower and tried to come up with something other than ‘take it back’.

Then it hit me. 

I’ve started keeping a supply of various 3M Command Hooks, and boy howdy, do they come in handy!  When you need something…and you have it…it just makes your day.  (Well, it makes MY day for sure.)

Junk drawer hooks

Don’t touch my junk (drawer) bro!

(Actually, I definitely need to touch the junk drawer…yikes.)


I stuck two hooks to the inside of the cupboard door…

Who needs screws?

…and hung up the organizer, no holes or screws required!


Voila – the cupboard door looks beautiful, and all the little sink doo-dads have a place out of the way.

Organizer mounted with 3M hooks

Lightbulb! More things should come with 3M fasteners!  3M, how about it?

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