In Case There’s Any Doubt…


Our backyard is the neighborhood litter box. 


That’s Penny.  She doesn’t go outside because she’s a ‘fraidy cat.  (And I’m a ‘fraidy cat she’ll get eaten or run over.)  But you get the gist.

I think it’s because we’re the only house in the immediate vicinity without a dog.

Regardless of *why* the yard has turned into a kitty-toilet, let’s say it just makes for some interesting “finds” while gardening.


Toilet Trained Cat 22 Aug 2005

+ IMG_2277




In case anyone thinks maybe I’m exaggerating *just a little*, I happened to look out the window yesterday, and I RAN for my camera to catch this picture. 

I tell ya – National Geographic waits for days at a time to catch shots like this…and all I have to do is glance out the window.

All of these critters (minus Mr. Whitey) were making their way out of the “Litter Box” by the time I got the picture taken.


The picture isn’t intended to be of the neighbor’s giant trampoline, it just happens to (somehow?) sneak into every backyard photo. (Whoops! A little snark slipped out…)


Need a map?  Since the snark-streak has begun, let me help:

Litter Box

Just in case there was any doubt, ya know…  the proof is in the pudding.

I mean, the “Litter Box”.


  1. I have so many furbabies, I'm used to looking where I walk in my backyard, and yet, it still makes me made when I walk out in the front yard, and someone else's dog or cat has gone in the middle of my lawn. I know there's repellents and stuff that keep them away, but I've yet to try any of them.


  2. I can't believe you got 4 cats in one shot! It is like they are on a schedule to all go together. Are they all girls, except the one who stayed in his yard!!Love your blog!


  3. You're right Emily. I should count my blessings to have so many watchcats! Although last summer I still had problems with something eating the daylilies…could it have been the cats themselves?? And yes…the square trampoline…I believe it's a standard-issue circus variety ;)Carmen – thanks for your sweet comment! I figure they all must be girls like you say – to be on the same 'cycle'!


  4. Oh my! I would not like that, although, I have the same problem with dogs. My house is the short cut for many dogs to get to another street. I have a trail that is worn in my lawn that they take on a regular basis. The trail isn't that bad but the droppings really get to me. Good luck with that. If you find any solutions let me know.Brooke


  5. I'm new to your blog, but you are cracking me up that is crazy all the cats. I have two small dogs so that must be enough. My kitty doesn't go out either he would but I just can't do it like you say they'll get eaten or run over .. can't have that 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh on friday. have a great weekend


  6. i am new to your blog but i had to share some solutions to your cat poop problem. my cat went through a phase where her favorite place to do her duty was the garden. after trial and error i found the absolute best was sprinkling leftover coffee grounds and orange peels in the garden. if you dont want the orange peel look you could probably just do the coffee. i did it every morning for like 2 weeks and she chose a new spot. hope it helps!


  7. Oh, man.. I can so relate! We just moved into our own first home, but back at the rental, our neighbors about twenty cats and they were always on top of our cars, doing their business in our yard and tormenting our dog by sleeping on our fence! This picture is awesome! lol Busted!


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