Master Bath Update: Stuck like a pig in a poke.

I’m not really sure what a poke is, actually, but the fact is that we’re temporarily stuck on the shower tiling project.

We got the grouting done.  Then we got most of the caulking done…

And then we ran out of caulk.  I ran to the store to get another tube of “Sanded DeLorean Grey” caulk, only to find that particular color of sanded caulk is the *only* color HD was out of!  But the ever-so-helpful associate reassured me there were 23 tubes of it at a store in a neighboring town.

Gee, thanks.

Nick actually works in said-neighboring-town, so I came home empty handed and we planned for him to pick up a tube on his way home from work today.

The catch?

We got freezing rain last night, the streets look like an ice skating rink, and Nick’s whole office was instructed to work from home.  To make it even more fun, it’s now snowing. 

(For those of you in warmer climates, snow on top of ice = some slick donuts and other tricks to impress your mom or wreck your car…or both.)

Would you believe that it was in the 60s here on Saturday?  And now it’s 9 degrees?

Since 2011 has already shown itself to be a bad year for our vehicle expenses, we may not venture back out until the roads melt a bit.

Left to do in the bathroom:

  • Finish caulking (surprise!)
  • Reinstall last baseboard, spackle nail holes (tonight)
  • Paint baseboards and doors (baseboards tonight)
  • Caulk baseboards (maybe tonight?)
  • Seal the grout (Wednesday)
  • Install shower trim (this week for sure, but beyond that…?)
  • Accessories (stay tuned for a sneak peak!)


Hey, January, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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