Charming Custom ‘Vase’ Decor

Custom vase 1

Here’s a really quick, cheap and easy way to add a dash of color to your décor, in just the right size, with almost no planning and very little money (if any).  When I was a teenager and babysitting a lot, I often took craft projects with me for the kids  – and this was my go-to project because it was always a hit.  In fact, two of the “pencil holders” I made in my babysitting days graced my desk all the way through college!  I don’t need pencil holders so much anymore…so now the same craft is a ‘vase’.

What can I say?  It’s a versatile project. Smile

For my red ‘vase’ above, I needed a certain size and color to fill a decorating hole.  The whole point was to meet a need without running out to the store.  I went with an old olive jar (full of fuzzy olives that had been spared the disposal for FAR too long) and some red tissue paper from the wrapping paper stash.

Simple as pie: (No, simpler, definitely simpler than pie!)Ingredients

  • A clean, empty glass jar (pickle jar? mason jar? whatever you have)
  • Tissue paper plus maybe construction paper, printer paper, and/or wrapping paper, torn into smaller pieces (maybe even bits of fabric).  I recommend starting with tissue paper, then adding small bits of the stiffer paper over the top. I also like to crinkle the paper up first, to add some texture.
  • Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue

Now, just decoupage the glass!

Tear up the paper into pieces, slather the jar with paste, and stick the paper to the jar, being sure to get the paper saturated with paste to help it take the jar’s shape and hold the edges down.  Continue with the pieces, making a collage as you go, if you want, or sticking with a single color like I am, until the jar is covered.  Let it dry, and you’re done!


For extra flair, protect your work surface with your phone book instead of newspaper Smile 

Decoupage 2

My ‘vase’ was specially designated for our downstairs bathroom (it’s finally getting some decorating love….after a year and a half….I swear crickets wouldn’t even have hung out in that room), so you’ll see it again soon.  In the meantime, I’m being intentionally narrow in these photos, to not give away too much of the cute new bathroom, which will be revealed later this week.

  Custom vase 2

Custom vase 3

I hope this idea is one you can use too – for any of those little spots that need a dash of color on the cheap.  (Or if you need a kid-friendly project!)


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One comment

  1. I {heart} jars!! They are so easy to decorate with! So versatile! Let's see…. I've got a 1/2 gallong mason jar turned into a lamp. I've got a gallon pickle jar (that was my daddy's) turned into a lamp. I've got a display of jars in my kitchen with different things in them. One or two sitting around the house, decorated with candles in them…. My FAV's are the old blue Mason jars!! Can't wait to see the reveal!! I'm your newest follower!!Hugs ~~ Suzinspiringcreativeness.blogspot


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