Let’s Make This Easy: The Floorplan


With all the projects I’ve done around here (and continue to do), I always struggle a bit to describe the ‘wheres’ and the ‘whys’ when it comes to our home’s floorplan.  I always find myself wondering about floorplans in other people’s pictures too, wondering what angle it was taken from, what “that room” is over on the left, what side of the house the photo is facing, etc.  And then it hit me.

I should just create and post the (admittedly novice) floorplan!  The rear wall of our house faces approximately west.

The First Floor (main level)

First Floor

The unlabeled grey square is our refrigerator.  I didn’t think it needed a label Smile

Our (sorta) sliding patio door is located in the dining room, and it opens onto our back deck.  The brown stairs above go to the upstairs.  The white stairs above go to the unfinished basement.  Since I didn’t include windows in the main level drawing, there are 2 on the back wall, plus the patio door.  One window (a large one) is in the rear left corner of the living room and it is mirrored by an identical window on the opposite wall, which looks out onto the porch.  The second back-wall-window is approximately where the kitchen peninsula is.

Two more windows on the main level are smaller and they are located in the living room, at each end of the long left (south) wall.

The Second Floor

2nd Floor crop

Looking at this now, I guess the builders did a good job of not wasting space.  The only wasted area seems to be the teensy triangle in the office (where they could’ve put some angled shelves…just sayin’)

And this concludes “The Floorplan” !  I hope it helps if you’re ever wondering about orientation of any of my photos.  If I missed anything or you’re wondering about something, just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer Smile.

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