(that means “takin care of business”)

On the docket for this week:

  • Storm door is getting installed tomorrow or maybe this afternoon if we’re lucky.
  • Need to build up the beans’ trellis a little higher with my new fencing. (today)  They are climbing on each other at this point.
  • Finish raking out the unsightly backyard dirt pile (today)
  • Use my BOGO perennial coupon before it expires (tomorrow)
  • Paint the kitchen toe kick as well as the teensy little side pieces of cabinet that require pulling out the dishwasher (this *might* get done Thursday night, otherwise it will have to be next week)

AND then we’re off to eastern Kansas for the Fourth of July! 

My aunt always has a fun Fourth at her house, and we’ll see my grandma and some cousins we don’t see very often.  There are some great attractions in that part of the country.  They include:  my aunt’s pool!, an apple orchard with a store where you can buy cider slushies (awesome in the Kansas heat),  a parade in a nearby neighborhood that screams Americana, tons of food, and we want to visit a local bakery we just saw featured on Cupcake Wars, just to say hi and buy a cupcake 🙂  I think it’s called Daddy Cakes. 

Side Note: Does anyone else think the Cupcake Wars commercial with the exploding cupcake is one of the cleverest promos out there right now?  We think it’s awesome!


Next week:

  • Sand cabinet doors
  • Prime cabinet doors
  • Maybe the first coat of paint on the cabinet doors
  • Camping with friends over the weekend I think


Sometime soon in the backyard:

  • The solar lights project
  • Move the edging on the other side of the yard with Hubby’s help.
  • Do some major weeding – one of us with the sprayer and one pulling


  1. Hi Katie, I have just been catching up on your projects. You have been busy. I am looking forward to seeing your cabinets finished. I will attempting to do ours in the next few months! Have a great 4th Celebration. xx


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