And more waiting…

We’re a week away from this baby’s scheduled due date, and I’m already getting a good dose of instruction in patience. 


Most of my clothes don’t fit anymore, even the maternity ones.

My back makes a really gross crunching sound with almost every step.

The couch has become the most comfortable (and boring) place to be.

Motivation to leave the house is at an all-time low.


And we’re generally getting pretty good at waiting.

And I’m getting plenty of opportunities to stare at various areas around the house and come up with project ideas….the natural consequence of boredom!


Did I mention we’re scheduled to get a winter storm this week?  Baby will probably decide to make his/her entrance that day and we’ll get to finagle the hour-long drive to the hospital in the snow.

That’s the word from Murphy, at least.

Meanwhile, to do *something*  (ANYTHING), and get out of the house yesterday, we took a walk and played with our new camera.


We’re getting a little better at using our camera, although I’m not sure a bad picture could be taken this time of year regardless of the camera!  Nick took most of these pictures – and at least one was even taken as we were still driving.


Thought you’d like them, you know, in lieu of anything more interesting….like a baby.  Or a project reveal.  Or a really big project reveal… a baby?  The last 10% of a project is always the hardest to complete, after all. 

Any day now… Smile

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