Making Progress! (and Dishwasher Update)

This past week we got some things done!  Here’s a recap:

1.  We bought a new dishwasher.  We decided to go with the GE I showed you here.  We found out we could get a different model for the exact same price, but we stuck with the original one I showed you.  The second model was different in that it had nylon racks (instead of vinyl – or maybe the other way around) but no steam-wash cycle.  It also had some NEATO stemware holder thingies.  Because our current dishwasher probably has the plain old “cheaper” rack style (whichever that is), and it’s not cracking/rusting/etc, exchanging the steam wash for an upgrade to more durable racks didn’t appeal to us.  We really liked the stainless interior of the Maytag, but we didn’t think it was worth $150 extra.

We bought it at Home Depot because they were running a 10% off sale that ended on Wednesday.  So we couldn’t use the Lowe’s coupon (which will be used for other things), but it was still cheaper.  We’re also going to do the installation ourselves.  The dishwasher will be delivered on the 21st…the day after the floors are done!

2.  We picked out our new laminate floors and scheduled the installation for April 19-20.  YAY! 

3.  We finished the peninsula treatment!  See it here.

4.  We got “Step 2” of the dining room ceiling done.  You can see it here. (I also just bought what I need to get Step 3 done!)

5.  I also finally got the new-and-improved baby gate installed (like last night.)  You can see it here.

6.  And because I love crossing things off lists, I’ll just throw out there that we also finally finished our taxes. : )



  1. Paint pantry and front closet doors and trim and replace hinges (Friday – I totally didn’t get this done today…..urg)
  2. Prime cabinet bases while trim is off (weekend after Easter) Just bought the special primer too : )  Can I get a WHOO HOO??  Whoo hoo!
  3. Paint baseboards while they’re off, and replace a few damaged ones. (weekend after Easter)
  4. Take up carpet and existing laminate and find a new home for it on Craigslist. (2nd weekend after Easter)
  5. Reinstall baseboards and toilet.  Get furniture and appliances back in place.
  6. Dining room “tray ceiling”- step 3
  7. Buy and Install the crown molding in dining room

We are off for the weekend to spend Easter with family.  I won’t get anything much anything (ok, so I was being optimistic) done this weekend, but I do have some fun stuff to work on next week (I went to Goodwill and HobLob today!)

Have a Happy Easter!  EAT SOME PEEPS!  Cuz Easter isn’t the same without Peeps – stale ones preferably!  😉


  1. Good night…you are putting me to shame on the todo lists:) I actually have felt very productive with the painting the last 3 days…we think one more 1/2 day and it will be complete (well, the part I wanted my sister to help me accomplish during her stay will be…still lots more to do). AND…I LOVE the ceiling paint and your peninsula…can't wait to see more.


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