Wednesday Rambles


Electric saw manufacturers need to come up with quieter saws. 

Maybe I’d actually buy them and be willing to use them if it didn’t sound like the Apocalypse every time the things turn on.

And maybe prettier saws.  Why not have a girly one that’s pink, quiet(er), and comes with easy directions?  They have pink drills…..why not saws?

I’m using a hand saw to get my laundry room hook/shelf ready to show you on Friday.  It works great but it’s a little tricky to get a straight cut.  Good thing my shelf is going to be rather shabby anyway. 

My gallon of Kilz smells funny.  And it had crumbs and dead bugs in it when I opened it for the first time.  How does that happen?  And it seems more watery than usual.  But it was totally full, so I didn’t return it.  Maybe I should’ve…….

There’s lots of work being done on a house across the street.  It’s giving me the bug to hurry up and get our floors done and kitchen makeover started.  That house was a foreclosure and I think the real estate agent bought it and is flipping it.  Probably the best thing that could happen for a foreclosure directly across the street from us!

There’s some peach iced tea (Crystal Light) in the fridge that we need to hurry up and drink.

Does everyone know that the roasted red peppers that come in a jar go bad SUPER DUPER fast?  Ewww.  When it gets gross enough I guess I’ll walk it out to the compost bin.

I’ve had some crazy busy last few days.  I hope I can get my laundry hook/shelf done in time to show you a fun DIY project on Friday (including my new shoe/etc organizer which has been done for a while, I’ve just been waiting to show you both at once).  I need to make a trip to HD.  And March needs to get here so my budget will reset.

Happy Rambling Wednesday!

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