Germ Momster Called and She Said to Wash Your Hands

Germ monster from tissue box

So here’s a gross one for you.  I used to work with a lady who I’d occasionally run into in the ladies room.  (No, that’s not quite the end of that story.)

I started noticing that she’d “wash” her hands by simply turning on the water for a split second, wetting her hands, then walking out.  Ok, and she dried them, too. 

How totally gross is that?  I avoided using her computer keyboard at all costs.

I don’t deal with workplace germs so much anymore, but now I get the kid germs.  In fact, today I’m pretty sure a spot on my right sleeve is dried snot – and funny how it doesn’t even bother me.  As a mom, I’m constantly on the lookout for signs of sickness to keep Avery away from other kids so she doesn’t either get them sick, or get sick herself.  The drool and snot that magically make their way onto my clothes, various toys, and who knows where else, are surprisingly mobile.

My husband just told me this morning how Avery cutely offered him her blanket as he went to get her up this morning.  He took it and playfully rubbed it against his face, only to discover that she’d spit up all over it, and he now had rubbed spit up on half his face.  Ahh, parenting.

Barfy blankets aside, we’re starting to teach her how to wash her hands.  At one year old, she’s pretty little for this still, but I narrate what I’m doing when I wash my own hands, and sometimes I lift her up to the faucet and kind of “practice” the hand washing.

A few weeks ago, I started using some Seventh Generation hand soap that really makes hand washing a pleasant experience.  It smells great (we’ve tried the Lavender and Mandarin scents) and gets the job done.  And it’s eco-friendly, as are all Seventh Generation products.

Another product Seventh Generation makes that I recently discovered is tissues.  In fact, they’re such a creative company, they even came up with an uber-cute craft idea to recycle old tissue boxes into kid-friendly monster creations.

Cute, right?  Show it to your kids and keep on the lookout for piles of box-less tissues sitting where the box used to be Winking smile

When I’m on germ-patrol, I’ve also been using Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes.  These things are so handy.  I use them on the laminate floor under the high chair, on doorknobs and railings, and occasionally on the kitchen counter. 

The more versatile spray-type products that I use when the wipes aren’t as economical are the Seventh Generation All Purpose or Disinfecting Multi-Surface cleaners.  These are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, and I’ve even used them to wipe down our faux-leather ottoman in the family room.  (It gets some pretty interesting smears on it.)  I feel a lot better using these than my old go-to 409, and I haven’t had any complaints about their effectiveness.

My cleaning supplies are slowly transitioning over to more earth-friendly and less toddler-toxic products, and I’m glad I’m finally being a little more conscientious.  Of my cleaning habits, that is. 

The dried smear of germy snot decorating my otherwise cute outfit today?  No apologies for that one. 

Hope you all have a great, germ-free, clean hands day Smile


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