It’s Thursday Already?

Where does the time go?

This week has just *flown* by, and it’s already Friday tomorrow.

We’ve had a couple days of fall-appropriate temperatures, and it’s been SO nice.  80 degree days past about mid-September make me cranky.  Once fall officially hits, I’m ready for overcast skies and cool breezes cartwheeling the colorful leaves past the window while we watch football. Watching football inside while it’s hot outside really takes away from the fun!

Miss Avery is almost ELEVEN MONTHS OLD – holey buckets.  Today she figured out how to climb into her “toy drawer” (and preferred to sit in it while she played for the rest of the morning), she realized she could climb all the way into the “Rubbermaid cupboard” I let her play in while I’m in the kitchen, and she figured out how to get up on the first stair….the second stair….and all the way up the entire flight of stairs.  All in one day!  Little monkey!

We also joined a moms’ group, and we’re really enjoying it.  It’s so nice to see Avery get a little interaction with other kids while I get some grown-up time with the other moms.

I finally got some fall decor  out – are you proud?  You should be, because I hardly know where the time goes, between chores, cooking, Avery, weekend visits here and there, and now football season!

For now though, time to get the baby (sniff! she’ll be a toddler soon!) into bed.

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