Helloooo!  How’s your week going?

Ours is humming along.  Lots going on, plus we’re getting ready for Avery’s first plane ride.

I might be a little nervous about that.  Avery really likes to cruise and crawl around, and I’m not sure how she’ll do sitting on one of our laps the whole trip.  Luckily, it’s a short trip, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  She also loves to point these days and has no trouble assertively and dramatically using her entire chubby arm and finger to point directly at a perfect stranger.  Like when she pointed and held her stare at an unsuspecting churchgoer in the pew behind us one day.  Or when she randomly picked out an old man passing us in the aisle at Home Depot and pointed him down.


Most people roll with it, chuckle, and point back at her.  But you never know when you’ll run into a grouch.  Especially in close quarters on an airplane. 

But enough of that.  It’ll be okay.  (Right?)

I have some BIG news finally!!  I’m *officially* a stay-at-home-mom now!  My job was pretty unique in that I worked from home even when I worked full-time, so it’s not such a huge change.  But NOW…it’s AWESOME having time to just sit on the floor and play with Avery, or actually run errands or do fun things without needing to be accessible!  No more spinning my head back and forth between my computer and my baby. 


We get to go to “storytime” at the library now twice a week, where she just loves seeing all the other kiddos.  Plus, I have time to play with her, read to her, get laundry done, keep the house somewhat clean, plan and cook meals, keep homemade sweets under the cake dome, and go on walks to the park every day.  I’m even working on joining a mom’s group I heard about.  It’s pretty slow communication with the organizing ladies, but I’m optimistic it’ll happen eventually.


I’m so thrilled to be out and about with Avery during the day, but I’ve noticed the other moms I come across aren’t as friendly as I expected.  Smiles are hard to come by, and conversations are even harder.  I guess I expected all our cutie pie babies would be an immediate commonality for easy chit chats, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. 

Have other moms experienced this?  I’d love to meet some friendly moms to hang out with and babies for Avery to play with.  Maybe I have “BE MY FRIEND!” written on my forehead a little too boldly?  Maybe green magic marker would be less intimidating than the red?  Or maybe I’m that annoyingly cheerful mom who hasn’t been around long enough to get it?


Anyway, we’re still having a fantastic time, friends or not.  Avery hardly knows what to do with other kids and babies other than crawl right up to them and stare at them, so we’re probably ok for a while. 


We have a great time getting stuff done around the house, playing with toys, dancing to the Kid Tunes cable channel, and finding new things to do outside of the house. 


Being able to spend my days with her is such a huge, huge blessing, and I’m so grateful for it.  Plus, it still feels exciting to be at the grocery store….with my baby….at 2 in the afternoon!  Wheeeeeee!



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