What an AstroBright Idea!

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yo.  I was thinking the other day that I should keep an eye out for paper sales at HobLob so I can stock up my stash.  Ever since my babysitting days, I’ve had a supply of paper on standby.  It’s one of my basic starting points for many of my little crafts and projects.  Colored printer paper (with as many colors as possible!), construction paper, and scrapbook paper are my staples.

So when AstroBrights was looking for a blogger to do a sponsored post, I was up in front waving both hands and one foot to get picked. 

It worked, apparently!

AstroBrights papers come in 23 bold, vivid colors.  It’s great for printing (nice and smooth – ahhh), and of course for cutting, gluing, Mod Podging, scrapping, framing behind glass (for a custom colored dry erase surface of course!), and anything else you can come up with.  It’s a fabulous all-purpose paper, which makes it indispensable for those who use colorful paper for any purpose.

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Right now, AstroBrights is running the “Give a Brighter Year” sweepstakes.  This sweepstakes is a way to win a $500 gift card PLUS $30,000 in school supplies for the school of your choice.  “Classroom Mom of the Year” would be IN.THE.BAG!  To enter, go online to the Astrobrights® page on Facebook.com (www.facebook.com/astrobrights) and “Like” Astrobrights.  Then click on the link to the “Give a Brighter Year! Sweepstakes” page to access the Sweepstakes application.  That simple.  5 minutes could make you a hero with your child’s school.

For all you creative types out there, the “Make Something AstroBright” contest may be right down your alley.  Get creative with AstroBright paper = win a $100 – $400 VISA gift card!  Take a picture of your creation, submit it at AstroBrights’ Facebook page, and you’re officially in the running.  Scrapbooking, flyers, banners or pennants, and of course all the crafty uses for paper would be great places to start.

Right off the top of my head, I’m imagining a fall wreath made out of two or three colors of layered “fan folded” AstroBright paper.  Then maybe wet another sheet, crinkle it up, flatten it out, cut out some “dried leaf” shapes and spritz with spray starch (potentially with some glitter as well???)  to add some embellishment to the wreath.  Or pick up one of those great $1 paperboard letters from HobLob and cover it with a contrasting AstroBright paper to suspend in the middle of your wreath. 

Lately I’ve been having fun wrapping strips of colorful paper around pillar candles and then embellishing with a smaller ribbon or strip of fabric.  Decoupaging our living room lamps with paper has also crossed my mind.  AstroBrights would make for a great pop of color.

Hmmmmmm…..perhaps I should wrap up this post so I can go play with paper?

This post is a little short on photos, (Sorry, but my Type A personality just can’t show my paper stash until it’s somewhat organized and right now….it’s NOT.)  I think I’d better get crackin’ on that wreath now that the idea is in my head, so hopefully I’ll have a picture to show you a little later.

For more ideas, the AstroBrights communities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are linked with the hashtag #goastrobrights. 

What can you come up with? 

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