Baby Hair Flowers: DIY

DIY Baby Hair Flowers

Is it just me, or does the BIG thing now seem to be BIG bows and BIG flowers on little babies?  Now that I think about it, it might actually be “just me”…  maybe mommies have been cutifying their kiddos for ages with big ‘ol bows and fabric flower headbands and I’ve just never noticed.  Sometimes I’m shockingly oblivious.  

Anyway, I think it’s totally stinkin’ cute.  What’s not to love about an adorable baby with some adorable baby-bling on her head to draw your eye to her adorable-ness?

So I’ve looked around to add some baby cuteness to Avery’s stash of hair accessories …but I’ve gotten hung up on a couple things.

First, the price.  I’m stingy when it comes to things that won’t get much use.  And trendy cuteness definitely comes at a price.

Second, the size.  Although I totally dig big bows on other babies, some are just a little *too* big for my baby.  I have a feeling they’d be the next thing to end up in her mouth.  BUT…something a little smaller would be perfect.

Finally, a lot of the cute store-bought bows/flowers are on clips that don’t stay in Avery’s hair.  She needs the tiny little barrettes that pop open and closed. (And I still have to redo them several times a day.)

What’s a mommy to do except make her own?

DIY Baby Hair Accessories Supplies

DANG.  An excuse to wander around JoAnn and HobLob with my cutie baby girl Smile

Baby Hair Accessories Supplies

The best thing about making your own hair accessories?  There’s so much to choose from!  And I found a lot of it on sale too.  I ended up spending about $12 on all my supplies, and I have enough for 25 barrettes.  I can always clip a barrette onto one of her existing headbands, so I just stuck with the tiny barrette clips for now.  I plan to keep some for Avery and use the rest as gifts.  We only know of one other baby girl among our circle of friends – everyone has boys!  But that means it won’t be long…

Wandering around the stores, I found some great stuff in the scrapbooking section, a few things in the actual hair accessories aisle at HobLob, and even more fun items in the clearance aisles at both stores.  I also checked the little fabric appliques (the cute embroidered flowers or bugs or whatever), but none of those were on sale.  I think my mom has a stash of them in her sewing supplies though…so we may be going on a scavenger hunt next time we’re at her house Open-mouthed smile

One fail was picking up a “Spare Parts” kit of 6 flowers that turned out to have only 1 fabric flower in the package – the rest were paper.  Paper flowers probably won’t hold up that well on a baby barrette, so I’ll have to use those for something else. 

Fabric flowers for baby's hair

I also found a neato package of “silk” flower petals that get stacked and layered and then held together with brads.  You all probably know exactly what I’m talking about, and there’s probably even a name for it.  I’m new to the concept, so I’ll stick with “neato stacking flower petals”.

I made up a ton of flowers from that package of petals first.  Then I dove right in with those, some ribbon, and the other little “embellishments” I’d found.

DIY Baby Hair Flower

It was so easy it’s almost not even worth mentioning how I did it.  I hot glued a strip of ribbon to each clip, then hot glued one of the decorations on that. 

Baby Hair Flower Barrette

Easy, cheap, and quick.  Can’t beat that!

DIY Baby Hair Accessories

Thanks for stopping by! Smile



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