Organization: Fridge Pen Holder

Hey friends!  Happy 4th of July week!  Our week will probably be pretty low-key, but we did explore a little beach yesterday with Avery, I made some scotcheroo treats for the week, and tomorrow’s a holiday.  Can’t complain!

The other day I got to looking around, and it’s *amazing* how quickly areas of the house get cluttered and disorganized with a baby around.  So, I’m trying to tackle each little issue one at a time – like the annoying mess that had become the magnetic “organizer” for our pens and notepads.  A disorganized organizer – how do you like ‘dem apples?  Gah. 

I was totally getting sick of our pens/markers/pencils/etc falling underneath the notepads to the bottom of the basket.  It’s not easy to dig through a pile of pens under a couple of notepads! 

Annoying basket of pens

Okay, it’s not hard either, but if they were standing upright, it would be EASIER.  You get it.  Convenience = we’re all lazy, right? 

Cluttered magnetic pen basket

I’m good with it Smile  Nothin’ to be ashamed of.  I’d rather spend my time doing things other than washing laundry with a washboard, rattling to the store in a horse-drawn buggy, or digging into a messy pile of pens and notepads to find the one item I need.

Although if I had a horse-drawn buggy, you might actually see me in it now and again….

Anyway, I can’t take credit for this idea, because I’m pretty sure I saw it on Pinterest.  Of course, I didn’t pin it at the time (gah!) but it stuck in my head as a good solution for my pen issue.

Junk?  I think not!

I just took an empty Crystal Light container, cut it shorter with my desk scissors (I’m tough on scissors) made it totally rockin’ with some of my favorite-at-the-moment burlap, ribbon and twine, and glued some magnets on the back.

Magnetic pen solution!

And now my pens/pencils/markers (because for some reason I need three colors of Sharpies in my kitchen???) have a much nicer home where I can see and reach the exact one I want. 

Magnetic pen holder - much better!

My fridge is more organized.  I had fun making something.  That is all. Smile


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