A Little Screen Door Maintenance

Hiya!  What with our lovely new deck and all, another project quickly made its way onto my list:  our sliding screen door.  After all, what’s a nice deck worth if you can’t get out to it?

The.door.was.awful!  It literally required two hands and one foot to get it open.  It was off-balance and perpetually stuck, the screen was ripping, and the lock didn’t work.  (The lock still doesn’t work, but thought I’d throw that in there anyway.)

But I know fixing screens is supposed to be pretty easy, so I made a trip to the store for some supplies.

I got some new screen fabric, some spline, a splining tool, and new rollers.  It cost about $10 total. 

Screen door repair supplies

First things first, so I jumped right in and pulled the old screen and spline out.  Quick, easy, and satisfying in a dusty kind of way.

Rip out the old screen!

Next, I used a screwdriver (and a husband?) to pop the old, broken wheels out of the bottom of the door.  What flimsy little pieces those were.  You’d think wheels that get used and exposed to the weather on a daily basis would be made of a stronger material.

The new wheels were easy to pop right in. 

Roll screen into spline groove

To replace the screen, I laid it out over the frame and pushed it into the spline groove with one end of the tool, then followed up with using the other end of the tool to push the new spline in over it.

Roll spline into spline groove

And done.

It was a SUPER easy way to save myself from any more embarrassing door-wrestling sessions while the neighbors are all out on their decks (getting entertained, no doubt).  Call me high maintenance, but I like being able to open the screen door with one hand while carrying plates of food out to the deck. 

Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon “at” the pool (despite the massive wildfires raging in the distance):

And enjoy the newly accessible deck!

Have I mentioned my state has TWELVE wildfires going right now?  At least 248 homes have been destroyed in the fire nearest us, and huge portions of a major city are being evacuated due to another fire.  Our home isn’t in the path of any of the fires, but please pray for the families who have lost (or will lose) their homes.  I just can’t even imagine how horrible that would be. 


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