Bow Time

I mentioned yesterday a quick little project I was doing to get Avery’s baby barrettes and headbands organized.

Barrette organizerI actually started out with a huge oatmeal container and realized it was way too big for what I needed, so I made some black bean brownies (crucial detail!) and ended up with an empty cocoa canister, which was perfect.

Some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, ribbon, and a spray-painted candle holder brought it all together.

And headband storage!

The vertical ribbons are glued at the top and bottom, and they hold the barrettes perfectly.  Headbands fit nicely inside. 

I thought about putting the headbands around the can on the outside, but then I’d be removing multiple headbands if the one I wanted wasn’t on top.  Plus, the barrettes would get lost inside the can and their cuteness wouldn’t remind me to put them in Avery’s hair.  Sometimes you just need to see the options, right?

Baby barrette and headband organizer

It’s a cute little organizer and decoration for the top of her dresser, right next to her mom and dads’ baby pictures.  And now that her hair accessories are visible (rather than in a jumbled pile in her dresser drawer), I’ll be more prone to remember them.

So excuse me, while I go make my kid a little cuter with a bow or two Smile


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