Easter 2012

Neighborhood egg hunt

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Easter Sunday.  We had a great time celebrating Avery’s first Easter. 

Our Easter bunny

A lot of family were out of town this year, so we had a small group at our house for church and dinner.  It was a really nice dinner with one of Nick’s sisters and my mom.  It worked out well because our tiny dining room table barely fits 4 adults comfortably.  Any more people and we would’ve been hard-pressed to find seats for them. 

On Good Friday we bought a jumperoo for the munchkin.  She loves it!  She goes bananas in that thing, and she had a great time keeping us all company in the dining room while dinner was prepared.  We checked out several from Craigslist and at second hand stores, but the prices weren’t great, and the ones we saw were dirty and more than gently used.  So we sprung for the new one. 

A model of a molecule? Or a baby toy?

For dinner, I served ham, “Velvety Mashed Potatoes” (a Tyler Florence recipe that I will use forever), some fun asparagus spears wrapped in strips of crescent roll dough lined with sliced ham and cream cheese, fluffy orange salad – gotta have the jello/condensed milk “salad”!, and strawberry rhubarb pie with fresh young rhubarb from the garden.  My mom was a huge help getting everything prepared.  I’m not great at organizing all the recipes so that everything is done at the same time.  I guess I need more practice Smile

No food pictures, sorry.  My food photography skills aren’t very complimentary to the dish being photographed!

Avery and Mommy

We had a neighborhood egg hunt ….

Avery and Daddy

And we did a little egg hunt of our own with 5 plastic eggs for Avery to “find” (with help from her aunt!)

Something pink in the grass!

Love those chubby little baby legs! 

What's this?Yum!

Avery’s definitely at the stage where everything goes into her mouth, and plastic Easter eggs are no exception! 


By the by, we’ve met twice with the deck contractor and we expect an estimate by the end of the week.  What a fun story that is.  (Not.)  To be shared at a later date.

In the meantime – hope you all had a great Easter and a great start to your week!


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