Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Thursday!

I just found myself distracted by Pinterest (as usual) and thought I’d “round up” some of the cooler ideas I’ve seen on there for all-y’all’s reading pleasure.

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And now let’s get this ball a-rolling:


How about this idea for hiding cords?  Pretty nifty.


Or a welcome post with a hook for changing out signs?  SUPER cool.  I have a 4×4 in the basement I could use for this project.


Of course you know I have to include some yard ideas.  These tiered raised beds would be perfect for a sloping yard that may or may not have the best soil to begin with.  And aren’t you digging those mini pergolas!?  Perfect for hanging baskets, supporting a trellis for climbing plants, and just providing that wonderful appeal of good hardscaping.


Have a nice big tree in your yard?  I LOVE this idea to hang an upside down papasan chair from a branch, and then use fabric tied to the chair as a little tent.  For a garden wedding, I think this would also make a gorgeous wedding arbor or a neat place for the cake or guest book!



Because I’m just in a pergola mood.  Not sure this is really a pergola – it might be better described as a fancy trellis, but it’s cool regardless.  Many of us live so close to our neighbors that a little backyard privacy goes a long way.


Hello!!!  Who has kids?  What a fun water toy to make with them out of super-cheap PVC pipe? 


For another fun kid idea, here’s a SLIME recipe!  I know, because we all need slime in our lives.  But really, I remember making slime for the first time at a 5th grade summer camp, and I still remember how COOL it was and even how it smelled!  Babysitters take note: taking crafts like this to your babysitting jobs will make you the favorite sitter Smile


And finally, here’s a great way to clean up old, water stained terra cotta planters.  I have a few that stayed out all winter that are in serious need of a paint job like this. 

Hope you are as “pinspired” as I am!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Smile

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