Spring Updates

Howdy and happy-beautiful-spring-day to you!  Hopefully you’re having a beautiful spring day.  Our temps here are typically in the 50s this time of year, but this week and last they’ve been in the 70s!

DSC_1059 edit

Here’s a cute spring shot taken over the weekend. 

Is she not the cutest munchkin ever?  Me = Mush. 

So what’s new with us?

Well, I just have to announce to the world the best news I’ve heard in 5 months!

My insurance company – on Avery’s 5 month birthday – finally paid the last medical bill from her birth.  Between the four bills, we were denied at least a dozen times, each time for a different reason.  But we persisted!  We had a claims denial specialist working with us, we had the medical providers working with us, and I got very “squeaky” with the claims department at the insurance company.  Lemmetellya, it was a pain, but it paid off.

This calls for a celebration!!!  Those bills had been weighing on my mind for months, and we had even been sent to collections. I don’t have to say how infuriating it is to have a normal childbirth and maternity coverage….and still have our medical claims denied.

But it’s over!!!! Wheeeeeee!  SKIP! HOP!

IF our claims were finally covered, and IF we didn’t get stuck with the bills, we had two goals.

One, finally get our glass shower door installed on the master shower.  Let’s just say we’re both a little “over” the crummy, white, spring tension rod currently holding up our (temporary a year ago) shower curtain.


Two, revamp the laundry closet – INCLUDING (teehee!) a new washer and dryer.

Because this is a hot mess and doesn’t work very well:


But this would:


This super-artistic rendering  – why yes, I do look like that –  shows a stacked washer/dryer on the left, and a custom closet unit on the right.  With this new layout, we’ll make use of some currently blocked square footage in the far right corner, and our laundry closet will suddenly have room for COATS and SHOES! (In addition to laundry supplies, of course.)  It might even have room for our vacuum!  I’m giddy just thinking about it.  Oh boy.

One last update……a contractor is coming over in a few minutes to bid out a new deck.  Our deck has deteriorated to the point that I can feel it give under me as I walk across it, so it’s time to get it fixed.  We’re also going to give some serious thought to a pergola as well.  The western sun makes our back deck almost unbearable in the summer, so a little shade from a pergola could go a long way in increasing our outdoor living space.

I’ll keep you posted!  Meanwhile, I’m off to check the crock-pot taco soup and text Nick to pick up some Ben & Jerry’s on the way home.  CELEBRATION!!!

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