The Game of Life

Hiya Peeps!

Sorry for the sparse posting lately.  The kiddo is having some challenges with her reflux (and her appetite) so we’ve been busy trying to figure out what’s going on.


In the meantime, I have a half finished spring/summer wreath (ack, because I had the Christmas one up until about a week ago!)…

Here’s one component of my wreath:


…blankets hanging from clip rings over Avery’s blinds to block out the light a little more – pending something decent still to be created for the same purpose…

…label-less pantry canisters that are starting to bug me, a master closet in UTTER shambles because it needs an iota of our attention, and two furniture refinishing projects I’ve been itching to start but haven’t had time for. 


On a positive note, we are making some progress.

Specifically, in learning to sit!


She still needs a little help to keep from occasionally falling over to one side or backwards, but at least we can say we’re actively working on one “project” Smile


But hey, that’s the game of life.  My progress slows down so hers can speed up!

Despite the slowdown, I WILL get that wreath done soon….! 

Thanks for stopping by Smile


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