Loops of Progress

Hi friends!  Just a quick post today.  Between work, baby adventures, and well, the rest of life, it’s been a busy week!  At some point I need to get my bum to the grocery store, too.  Hopefully before we completely run out of diapers!


Here’s a teeny little project for you though.

There’s a bathmat in the guest bathroom.

The end. 

Just kidding!  (Almost though.  It’s a short story…)

It's a bathmat.

I didn’t want it hanging on the side of the tub.

I didn’t want it on the floor unless it was being used.

And I didn’t want it taking up space on the towel rod.

But there are hooks on the back of the bathroom door…

Sew loops on the bathmat

So I sewed some cotton loops to the bathmat, and now it can hang up to dry and/or be stored out of the way.

Hang bathmat on hooks

I’m so glad I have a sewing machine these days.  I really have no sewing skills, but it makes easy little jobs like this so quick.  I even got some mending done while I was at the machine – go me!Sig

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