A Classy Closet

Well hello!  It’s a 70 degree “winter” day here today.  The daffodils are springing and the garden debris is chattering at me to come clean it up.  But all in due time…I have things to work on *inside* first!  Namely, our closets.  February was closet month and here I am in March…not quite done. 

Have you been waiting around to finally see my organized front “hall” closet? 

Organized front closet



Well, here it is anyway!  You got a sneak peak at the stripes last week, but I was waiting until March rolled around (for the ol’ budget) to buy some baskets.

I love my Dyson...

And baskets did I buy!  And ‘fancy’ wood hangers, too.  Whoop!

Target baskets

The main changes to this closet are 1) the stripes that scream “Welcome to the coat party!”  (something like that) and 2) the shelves built into the lower half of the deeper end of the closet.  We made sure the shelves are low enough to allow our coats room to hang. 

Shelves in front closet

If you’re wondering what color those stripes are….here you go:

That color.  And that other one.  And the one in the back.

I had a ton of various green paint tester pots!

So I mixed them all together.  And I like the (free) result Smile

Stripes in a closet = totally fun

The vacuum also lives in this closet (no other place for it), so one of the baskets got the spare vacuum parts which were previously in a pile on a shelf in the laundry room.  Because that makes a lot of sense.  Vacuum in the front closet….vacuum accessories on the other side of the house in the laundry closet. 

Function, baby. Function.

Keeping vac stuff together

The other basket holds scarves, mittens and other winter wear.

Our folding chairs are stored in here as well.  We use them fairly often, so it makes sense to keep them close by.  They don’t look all that welcoming, and you probably wouldn’t find folding chairs in a magazine-worthy closet, but then again we do have to live in reality occasionally.

And finally, here’s a dirty little secret for you.   Well, not dirty, but not exactly sleek and organized either.

Board game hideaway...

Our collection of board games stored on the top shelf….

…on a (salvaged) shoe rack.

We don’t have any other place to put these, and the shoe rack works pretty well.

When our basement is finished, the games will go downstairs.  Until then, the new-and-improved front closet is still a classier spot to hang up our guests’ coats than it used to be.

Organized front closet

Thanks for stopping by! 


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