Starting to Think Spring

Hiya!  Welcome to March – we’re officially within the month of Spring.

Cheap and easy burlap wall art

I’m not *quite* in the mood for Spring yet.  We’ve had a pretty warm winter (who hasn’t?) and I want a little more snow on the ground before things start to warm up.  Plus, there’s the “space between” seasons to contend with.  In these parts, “spring” is brown and ugly for several weeks before anything green starts to appear and cover it up.  It’s the space between winter and spring that is my least favorite time of the year.

So, um…welcome to my least favorite time of the year?

Aren’t I just the harbinger of cheer?  Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, even though I’m not quite ready for spring, I am starting to think of spring/Easter décor.  I’ve decided this year I’m going with black, brown, white, and green for my spring décor color scheme. 

Maybe on a few extra cheerful days, an Easter egg or two will make its way into the mix?

I don’t want to use the same old stuff for spring décor.  I mean, I do because I don’t want to buy any much (?) new stuff, but I want to repurpose the familiar into something new for me. 

The first project doesn’t exactly scream “SPRING!”, but I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and the burlap and black colors will be perfect as a “new” spring item.

I had this cheesy little bird art from the dollar store.  I’ve used it for spring decor in the past and I’m over it, so it’s time to repurpose it as a “canvas”.  I also had a wooden “J” from HobLob that I spray painted black a loong time ago.  It’s been sitting around forever and a day.

Dollar store art repurposed

So….I used burlap to cover the bird art.  I used my desk stapler because I was too lazy to go to the garage.  (I’m an Honest Abe, what can I say.)  Then I used Elmer’s fabric glue to glue the “J” on the newly covered “canvas”.

The Js Have It!

Just a quick little naptime craft to start my Spring décor wheels a turnin’.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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