The Game of Life

Hiya Peeps! Sorry for the sparse posting lately.  The kiddo is having some challenges with her reflux (and her appetite) so we’ve been busy trying to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, I have a half finished spring/summer wreath (ack, because I had the Christmas one up until about a week ago!)… Here’s one component of my wreath: …blankets hanging from clip rings … Continue reading The Game of Life

A Classy Closet

Well hello!  It’s a 70 degree “winter” day here today.  The daffodils are springing and the garden debris is chattering at me to come clean it up.  But all in due time…I have things to work on *inside* first!  Namely, our closets.  February was closet month and here I am in March…not quite done.  Have you been waiting around to finally see my organized front … Continue reading A Classy Closet

Starting to Think Spring

Hiya!  Welcome to March – we’re officially within the month of Spring. I’m not *quite* in the mood for Spring yet.  We’ve had a pretty warm winter (who hasn’t?) and I want a little more snow on the ground before things start to warm up.  Plus, there’s the “space between” seasons to contend with.  In these parts, “spring” is brown and ugly for several weeks … Continue reading Starting to Think Spring