Half a Closet Reveal & Possible TMI

Happy Monday peeps!  I hope you all had as nice a weekend as we did.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but Nick got those shelves installed in our front closet, and I had a nice couple hours painting the closet while he did baby duty. 

Is that a stripe?

The only thing is, I still don’t have organizers.  I kept meaning to drag my butt to Target to get some, but then I took a look at our running budget for the month.

Umm…. We’re over budget for “household” stuff, so there’s a moratorium on  household stuff until Thursday.

I figure it doesn’t help anybody to bust budget (or bust budget even more) to run out and buy something for the sake of a blog post.  I mean, really.  Right?  I try to stick to a budget and I appreciate reading about my fellow bloggers who do the same, so I’m just being real with ya’.  Waiting a couple days until March is no problemo.

So you get a little sneak at the new and improved (and FUN, hello!) front closet, but the rest will come later this week. 

I think this closet will be a pretty snazzy place to hang up our guests’ coats, don’t you?

Hanging?  Those are SHELVES!

In the meantime, in the same budgeting thread, I’m thinking of dinners to make with what we have on hand.  Here’s the tentative meal plan:

  • Tonight:  Leftover stew (venison stew or beer-braised beef stew – I made a lot of way too much stew last week)
  • Tuesday:  Slow cooker “Saucy chicken”.  New recipe – I’ll keep you posted!
  • Wednesday:  Meatless spaghetti
  • Thursday: Baked chicken with couscous and steamed veg
  • Friday: Who the heck knows.  Let’s put “frozen pizza” here for now.

And how about a (sorta) random weird story?  This may or may not fall into the “too much information” category for you, so if you’re disappointed in its tameness, my apologies!

As I was evaluating the front closet, I was reminded of where I’ve gotten many of the current mismatched organizers in our house.  It sounds a little weird, but the answer is…..other people’s trash.  I’d like to think I’m sensationalizing a little bit by saying “trash”, because it was more like “other people’s barely used stuff that they would rather pile next to the dumpster than haul home with them from college.”  There IS a difference.  

My cutie pie - you can't have her.

Avery may or may not agree…

I was a “resident assistant” in college, and we stayed a week or so later than the residents at the end of each school year.  You would not believe the brand new and barely used stuff college kids throw away at the end of the year (or place next to the trash can because they’re too lazy to put it in the trash can!).  Since I was there a little later than everyone else, I got to see (and sometimes adopt) the perfectly good stuff that ended up tossed out.

Meet my thrifty college self in a rockin’ bed sheet toga (and my roommate, but she’s a big time lawyer now so I cropped her out, even though her toga looked pretty rockin’ too):

Toga! Toga!

Among the items I adopted were a couple of shoe racks, several over the door hooks, a Brita water pitcher, tons of various hangers, and office supplies.  

Anyway, as a result of my “found” organizers, our stuff has been somewhat/mostly organized, but in a mismatched kind of way.  Until now.  Finally, I’m not being a cheapskate (translation: observant and broke college kid) and I’m finally buying matching, classy organizers.

But not ‘til March Winking smile 


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