A President’s Day in My Life

Happy President’s Day, everyone!  If you have a holiday from work today, it’s particularly happy, am I right?

Yes, this is a finger puppet.

My day off isn’t going quite as planned.  I did get dinner in the crock pot this morning – hello chicken chili! (yep, totally found it on Pinterest) 

My big “day off” plan was to have a shopping afternoon with my favorite baby.  We were going to bust out the stroller, hit a couple stores around town and have a nice time out of the house.  I also planned to get a few things for my closet projects.  But a side effect of Avery’s antibiotics for her sinus infection is chaining us to the changing table. 

I’m a bit of a grump about the fact that my child was struggling with one affliction, and now that it’s clearing up, she’s got another issue as a direct result.  But marathon diaper changes and tendonitis from the Spray’n’Wash are still better than a miserable baby who can’t breathe through her nose. 

In other news:

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.  I love it when it snows.  I also love a fabulously gray, cloudy sky in the wintertime. 

Avery’s learning that sucking on just her thumbs is easier than trying to get her whole hand in her mouth.  I can hardly believe she’s almost 4 months old!  Time FLIES.

We had some strange water-damage-looking spots appearing over our new (a year old) shower.  Turns out it was mildew and it cleans right off with 409 and a rag.  Sooo glad it was an easy fix.

With those random thoughts thrown out to my most favorite peanut-gallery, I think I just heard the sound of an imminent diaper change.



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  1. One day at a time. Yes, I like that. Trying to get in some crafting here and there, myself. I'm following you now and would love to have you follow me also. Best wishes, Linda


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