Thinking Outside the Music Box

Hey there friends!  I’m up-to-my-eyeballs in closet reorganization (now that the linen closet is done, the pantry is next to be revealed), but in the meantime, here’s a peek at one of the quick changes I’m making in our master closet.

Dated jewelry box

This jewelry box was a garage sale find like….20+ years ago.  No, no, not by me – my mom found it and it was in her closet forever.  When she didn’t want it anymore, I figured I could use it.  It does have a lot of drawers, and I  like having options for where and how to store my hoard of jewelry.  It also happens to be a music box.  It’s positively quaint!

But….let’s admit it.  The jewelry box leaves a little to be desired.  That dated old walnut stain with the “antiqued brass” pull hardware….just doesn’t turn my crank.

It also doesn’t exactly bling up our master closet, either.

(Except our master closet doesn’t look like this anymore…it’s thoroughly entrenched in the “before it gets better, it must get worse” category at the moment.)

This closet is so off-balance...

Spray paint to the rescue!

I spent $ZERO on this project – love that!  I had grey spray primer, flat white spray paint (why I bought flat paint I don’t know – gah) and some spray gloss.  I also had some leftover “oil rubbed bronze” spray paint for the hardware. 

Hardware painting trick

I got a little creative rigging up a system to paint the hardware.  I hot glued the hardware to cardboard and hung the cardboard from the basement ceiling.  Fancy, I know.  Especially the purple curling ribbon.

Hardware painting idea

And here’s the finished product!

Refinished jewelry box

The lighter color highlights the uneven drawers a little more, but then this wasn’t a high quality piece to begin with. 

Can’t wait to see it in my “new,” organized master closet one of these days…

One more time – because I love a before and after:

Dated jewelry box before

Dated jewelry box after


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