Closet Ambush: The Linen Closet

After the riveting post yesterday about the privacy implications of “following” blogs (that excitement was almost too much for me),  let’s get back to some more interesting subject matter, shall we?

Organized linen closet 1

CLOSETS, to be precise. They thrill me. Captivate me. Frustrate me. Cause me to zone out for hours at a time pondering what it is I need to do with them so that I get that angels-singing-light-pouring-from-the-heavens moment when I open their doors.

The easy way to address closet organization is with purchased organizers or the ultimate: a closet system. I’ll go that route to some degree, but I’m not dumping $1000 buckaroos on a closet system for this particular house. If we were reasonably sure this was our “forever house” – I might *consider* it. But for this house, I’m going to go the slightly – okay, MUCH – more frugal route in getting things in order.

I’m starting here:

Disorganized hall closet

The linen closet, the hall closet, the place for anything without a place.

That picture is a poorly lit, hot, sticky mess, so let’s deconstruct.

Linen Closet Before 3

Linen Closet Before 2

Linen Closet Before 1

I’ve definitely seen worse closets than this, but a little organization would still go a long way, especially because it’s a small closet. Having organized small closets is essential for anyone in a small house or in need of storage space.  

So after some rearranging, relocating various items, and $10 in new canvas bins, the official organized linen closet “after” is not just a photo….

It’s an, um, experience?  You don’t mind humoring me, do you?  Let’s just run with it.

So here’s the rundown.  The large black bins were stolen from our master closet.  I didn’t like them in there and one was empty anyway, so they were relocated.

Organizing a linen closet

The two medium sized canvas bins I found at Wal-Mart for $5 each.  I planned to dye them black, but then I realized we don’t have any sink/ washer/ container they’ll fit in. 

I rearranged that heaping basket of décor items, and now the hall closet holds only spare picture frames.  This makes some sense because our photos and hanging hardware are also stored upstairs.  I moved all the other décor down to another closet. 

The sheets in this hall closet are just the spares for our bed, since I keep the guest room spare sheets in the guest bedside table.  Ever been a guest in someone’s house and froze all night because you were too shy to go rooting around their hall closet for an extra blanket?  I have.  So all the guest room “extras” – sheets, towels, blankets – are stored in that room so guests can help themselves to whatever they need.  Just call me the hostess with the mostess.  Or maybe I’m just too lazy to dig out sheets and towels when guests are over?  Maybe…..?


I also have a habit of keeping pillow cases from sheet sets that get donated.  Old pillowcases are excellent for putting on pillows under shams, carrying loads of laundry to the wash, and treat-or-treating, of course!  The pillows we use for our shams are the oldest pillows in the house, so they’re covered in those mysterious brown pillow stains not exactly pretty.  I figure an extra layer of fabric over them is a good thing. 

I used Command hooks to get the brooms off the floor and get rid of the washcloth.  I use those brooms to sweep around the litter box and the cat food bowl, and the washcloth was my lame attempt at keeping the dirty broom bristles off the carpet.  So now you know.  I might also vacuum the broom bristles after sweeping… Am I totally weird?

Organized closet brooms

Then we’ve got some spare toiletries…. and a canvas bin just for our eighteen bottles of sunscreen (at the moment).


The other canvas bin holds my “quick-cleaning” cleaning supplies and ironing supplies (iron, spray starch, hem tape) for those rare occasions I actually iron something.  Our ironing board broke the other day, so my rare ironing will be getting a lot rarer until I feel like dropping $20 on a new stinkin’ ironing board. 

Organized hall closet 1

My “inside” toolbox stayed in here for those times I need a hammer, screwdriver, Command hook, whatever.  And the litter had to stay as well.

Although…I’m feeling a tick in my index finger that suggests the tacky yellow and blue litter bucket might eventually be spray painted…

Organized hall closet

The shower-caddy-rack-thing also stayed.  I’m sure it’ll be employed one of these days, so I kept it around.  The big empty space on the top shelf is for the humidifier, which is currently being used in Avery’s room.

The labels I rigged up with some string and cardstock because I’m too cheap frugal to go buy something cute to use as labels.  And yes, I color coordinated the labels with the towels, thankyouverymuch.  My neuroses takes odd forms, what can I say?

Organized linen closet 1

And there you have it.  After three years in this house, our hall closet / linen closet is finally organized and efficient. 

Before After Organized Closet

It might just be my new favorite ‘room’…?

Onward to the next closet!  See you soon!


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