Getting Organized: Deep Cleaning

This month I’m really feeling the need to declutter and get organized.  Cleaning is part of that, and since no one wants to see posts about my *actual* cleaning efforts (uh, or do you?) I figured I’d just set out my new “deep cleaning” plan for the year. 

Back in the days when I waited tables, I saw a deep cleaning system that worked really well.  In fact, it worked so well, I’m going to start using it in our house.  And the fact that deep cleaning in my house won’t involve finding surprise wads of gum stuck under tables or other gritty goodies left by random strangers (I hope?), it should be a roaring success.

And to make things just a *tad* more interesting, Avery will help me share the details of said “plan”!


So here’s how it worked:  each week, a handful of tasks from the deep cleaning list would be assigned to every waiter and cook.  We each had a week to complete them.

For example, one week my deep cleaning assignment might’ve been to pull up booth cushions to clean the cushions and the floor underneath.  Grody?  Um, only in a “dried-booger-or-a-smashed-pea?” kind of way.  So yeah, not at all.


(“Gross, Mommy.”)

The cooks had jobs like deep cleaning the range hoods or pulling out appliances to clean under and behind them etc.

You get the picture.

So the plan is to figure out my own “deep cleaning” system.  I’ll feel better knowing the kitchen cabinets have been wiped out at least once in the last year (boo yah!)

First I need a list of deep cleaning tasks. Then depending on how many chores there are and how often they should get done, I’ll figure out the schedule.

So here goes nothin’:

1. Wipe the rogue food particles and wayward lint off kitchen cabinet fronts and tops.

2.  Wipe out lower cabinets and run any dusty items through the dishwasher before replacing them.  Wiping the dust off a serving dish when a guest is standing in the kitchen chatting is just not very Emily Post.  Not that I’m trying hard to be Emily Post…I just don’t want to gross my guests out.

3.  Same as #2 but for the upper cabinets.

4.  Clean inside of microwave and fridge.  PARTAY!

5.  Clean inside of oven and burner trays (yuck).  Someday I’ll have a self cleaning oven and a flat top stove….but until then….ugh.

6.  Vacuum and wipe down baseboards.  Ever gotten down and looked closely at your baseboards?  Try it. (mwahaha)

7.  Vacuum/dust vent covers, bathroom fans, ceiling fans. 

8. Vacuum and wipe downstairs blinds (ugh – hate this job.)

9.  Clean insides of downstairs windows and doors.

10. Clean insides of upstairs windows, vacuum and wipe upstairs blinds.  How are blinds so constantly dirty?!

11.  Clean screens and outsides of windows.  Got some new stuff for cleaning windows in my stocking this past Christmas (because I’m SUPER exciting like that) that I’m eager to try out.  I’ll letcha know how that goes.

12.  Sweep and vacuum basement floor and stairs, paying particular attention to any 8-legged inhabitants.


So the list is a little long, and maybe I’m in the minority for not already doing this stuff on a regular basis.  But hey, we have to start somewhere, right?

There are 12 items, so I think the best place to start is to aim for getting one done per month.  That’s doable…I think.

In December, when I’m scrambling to get all this stuff done because we have people coming over….I’ll let you know Smile

Anyone have any good systems for getting all these extra cleaning chores done?


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