2011 Roundup: Top Five Posts

Happy 2012!  For those of you who are new to BurbTales, here’s a round up of the top 5 posts from 2011. 

1.  Master Bath Renovation

First, we kicked the year off with a master bathroom renovation, and apparently, a lot of master baths are in need of similar upgrades, because those posts have been very popular this year. 

We learned how to demolition and install tile, but we hired out the framing, drywall and plumbing to the pros.  Some of my favorite elements of our new bathroom are the wood grain tile floors, the “quoin” pattern in the shower tiles, and our custom-made knotty alder vanity (believe it or not, going the custom route was cheaper than what we found at Home Depot!)

Master Bath B&A

2.  Cloffice

The next most popular post was about our “Cloffice” (closet-turned-office).  The Cloffice was an invention of necessity because we needed to move both our desks out of the old office and into the guest room, so we could turn the office into a nursery.  Because our (haaa-uge) guest room is a whopping 9×9 feet (snort!), two desks and a double bed weren’t going to fit in the conventional sense.  Instead, we got creative with the closet.


3.  Black, White, & Teal Nursery

Another popular post was our black, white, and teal nursery. We thought a black, white and teal color scheme was fun, bright, and neutral enough for a baby boy or girl.  We added black crown molding, a black chair rail, and did two-tone walls with one big teal accent wall.  Then I threw in a bit of lime and decided to add some plum as another accent color if our baby turned out to be a girl (and SHE did!  Check out this post about the plum nursery details to see what I’ve done since the reveal.) 

BWTeal Nursery

4.  PB Knock-Off Wall Art

The number four most popular post was all about the DIY Pottery Barn knock-off wall art I made for the new master bathroom.  This was a seriously inexpensive project.  I don’t know about you, but coming up with bathroom wall décor is kind of tough!  These fit the bill and best of all, they were inexpensive enough that I won’t feel bad when I get sick of them and switch them out.


5.  DIY Magnetic Corkboard

The fifth most popular post was actually one posted in December, right before Christmas.  I was getting fed up with the junk on our fridge and came up with a little organization solution with thumb tacks, magnetic clips, and a corkboard on the inside of a cabinet door.  Voila!  A magnetic corkboard.

Magnetic Corkboard

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