Getting Organized: Decluttering!

As I mentioned the other day, I’m dedicating the rest of January to decluttering, cleaning, and otherwise starting the process of getting organized.  February will be “Closets Month” so I’ll tackle the organization part later. A reader brought up a great point in a comment though….where do you start?  Yeah.  Yuck.  Where DO you start?  I always start with the question “Keep or toss?”  I’ll … Continue reading Getting Organized: Decluttering!

A Few New Nursery Additions

Now that our munchkin is here, the nursery’s changed a little bit.  I mean in addition to the cute little baby who now takes up residence there.  Awww.  The cheeks…..cannot….resist…the cheeks! Ok.  Anyway! We’ve gotten some wonderful gifts which have spruced the place up, plus if you’ve been following my posts about the little projects I’ve done in there since the “reveal,” you’ve already guessed … Continue reading A Few New Nursery Additions