Thumb Tacks + Nail Polish = Much Better

Another quick little nursery item I’ve been staring at and pondering was the clear push pins I used to hang up the flag pennants.  (Uh, and the threads I never trimmed off the end of the pennants…)

Clear push pins

I thought I was doing pretty well to use clear push pins….but they were still really visible – even from a distance.

And it was bugging me. 

I’m not sure how easy black thumb tacks are to find, but I didn’t really want yet another box of tacks (how many does one household need?  We have at least 2 sets already…). 

So I got to thinking how I could just make a couple of tacks black. (Also, I wanted black thumb tacks instead of push pins, since they’re flat.)

Black thumb tacks

Nail polish!

As trendy as I am (not), I didn’t have black nail polish sitting around so I bought a cheap bottle of it.

Black thumb tacks 2

Verdict?  It works great – disguising thumb tacks has never been easier.  Now I can move on to dwelling on some other minor nursery detail Smile

And now I can breathe!

Thanks for stopping by!  A holiday crafty décor post is coming soon!

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