Nursery Project: Hamper Liner

Well, Hello there!

I’ve been so busy with our new baby girl that you haven’t seen me around these blog parts in a while.  She’s now SIX WEEKS OLD (holey buckets), and I’m gradually gaining more time to do my own thing.

Like laundry.  And swiffing the cat hair off the floor.  And putting on deodorant.

Oh yeah, and the occasional project and blog post. 

Good thing, because as I sit in the nursery feeding Avery multiple times a day (and night – don’t forget those SUPER FUN 3 am feedings!) I’ve had a chance to look around and see a few things that need some attention.

First up:  the hamper.  It needed a hamper liner so we can just gather up the liner when it’s full and haul the load down to the washer – leaving the chunky white plastic hamper upstairs and avoiding an Easter egg hunt for random baby socks that escaped from the pile on the way down.

My first brilliant idea was to use an old pillow case.

Hamper Liner Fail

That didn’t work out very well.

Take 2…

Remember my idea to add some plum to the nursery if we had a girl?  Well, I had an old plum colored curtain panel stashed away.  I cut it up, sewed the pieces back together in a sort of square-bottomed sack, and threaded a bit of elastic and some cord (stitched together) through the old rod pocket. 

Hamper liner from curtain panel

Voila!  A hamper liner from a curtain panel.

Homemade hamper liner

Now it lines the hamper, stays up around the edge, and makes for a quick little laundry bag that goes right in with the load.  Oh yeah, and adds some PLUM color to the nursery.  Boo-ya.


Also, notice the panda bear night light?  It was made for Avery by her grandpa.  It’s even cuter at night!

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