The Nursery Reveal!

I’ve been yakking about this “black, white, and teal” nursery for long enough, don’t you think?  I’m probably about as sick of hearing about my “half-finished” projects, and “can’t show you all of it quite yet” as you are.

But now that Baby is due in less than a month, we finally got it pulled together!

Teal nursery

Anyway, the nursery is pretty colorful these days, but it really is a black and white and teal color scheme.  I used lime as an accent, and if we have a girl baby, I’ll add in a bit of plum as well.

First, we started off with paint, the moldings , the (so stinkin’) cute tree decal, and the fuzzy blanket I sewed.

Black moldingsDSC_0031

Then we finally got some furniture (big fat thanks to the soon-to-be-grandparents for helping us out!)


And after that, I got a little stuck with décor.  I didn’t really want a theme…yet the tree was suggesting birds/trees/nature or something of that sort.  Plus, I was having trouble finding cute soft goods in the right colors.

To keep the dresser/changing area uncluttered, I settled on some baby pictures of Nick and I (to facilitate easy comparison of “he/she looks just like you/me!” of course!), and a simple white “bird” lamp plus a decorative box to give it height.

I had a little more fun with decals and put a bird family on the closet door:


…And the wonderful husband put up some floating shelves over the dresser.


To accessorize the shelves, I modified a cute and whimsical craft I saw on Pinterest.  It started out as a homemade piece of “Victorian” art in our guest room, and a year (ish) ago, when I put it together, I thought it was the cat’s meow.

Time does wonders for our judgment, doesn’t it?

Needless to say…I was over that little piece of “Victorian” creativity, so it was time for it to go.  Down it came out of the guest room, and the frame was repurposed into this guy:


I used fabric scraps to make the birds. (I also had to sew about 8 birds to get 4 that were decent looking. Sewing tiny things is really tough, and my attempts to make the smallest seam possible compounded the problem.  Only later did I realize I could sew a nice easy 1/2 inch seam and then trim off the extra fabric!)

Then, I found a cool pattern and decided to make the curtains myself.  I even special ordered the fabric.  But after putting it off to wait for my mom’s help, I got impatient just dove right in and figured it out.  It wasn’t completely painless, but it got done, and I’m really happy with the end result.

Valance for black and white nursery

Black white teal nursery

Next, I modified an inexpensive “hat box” to hide some electronics that have to stay in this room:




And the last project was another use for the fabric scraps: a ribbon of flag pennants. It would be just my kid’s luck to be put in a crib and have some piece of décor (hung by his/her mother no doubt) fall off the wall and into the crib. So I opted for something that won’t do any damage if it somehow falls.

Black, white, and teal nursery

Pennants are super cute, and once I sat my pregnant butt down to actually make them, it was a quick and easy project. 

And now…..

We’re ready for baby!  Oh yeah, and the black and white (and teal!) nursery is ready too. 

Let the waiting begin Smile


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  1. These colors are amazing! I am following you now…I can't wait to read about some of your previous projects!


  2. Love these colors and pretty much everything about the room! Incredible. Kinda makes me wanna have another baby just so I can do this to it's room :o) Beautiful!


  3. I love this nursery. I am currently looking to do my first nursery and would love to know the color/brand you used for this teal? Thanks!


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