Repost: Master Bath: Got Space?

***This post was originally from October 2010! Somehow an edit caused it to repost in October 2011.  Sorry for the confusion – this bathroom remodel is all done and here’s a quick jump to the reveal if you haven’t seen it yet!  And now back to the original post…***


When we first moved into our house, we anticipated changing a few things.  And we also knew that a couple of those things would involve some significant expense, because they’re not things we’re willing to DIY.

One was our fireplace.

It started out as this (after I goofed around with iridescent paint on it)

And now it looks like this

Fireplace after

The second major project on the to-do list was our master bathroom and closet.  I’ve never shown pictures of these areas before….so brace yourself.

This is what we’ve got now:

The closet has double racks down the right side (you can see our hamper hiding back in there too)


Shelves and hubby’s dresser at the end – both packed/organized about as full as I can get them.  I can’t reach that top shelf without the utility ladder, so it’s not a daily-basis type shelf.


And a wall along the left with some hooks.  Some of my dresses are hanging from these hooks because there’s no room for them to hang down on the other side.  That Safeway bag is my VERY classy storage solution for all my nylons and tights.  Nice, huh?  If you really want one, email me and I’ll tell you where you can find one 😉  Har!


So, in general, a bigger closet would be a huge improvement. I currently have a few long dresses also stored in the guest room closet, which I really want to get out of there because that closet will eventually need to be available for someone else’s things. 

Onward to the HUGE 5×8 foot master bathroom


It has the bath/shower with the nice 3-piece vinyl tub surround… a toilet (jackpot!)…and a single vanity.  The bathroom door, when open, completely blocks the door into the closet.  And on the floor is a previous owner’s admirable attempt at an upgrade….peel-and-stick tile.  And yes, it’s the exact same kind and color as used on all those HGTV shows. 

I try to keep the vanity top less than 80% covered with my stuff, so I’ve gotten a little creative:

Jewelry storage – notice the push pins (hey, at least I made an effort at using CLEAR ones):


And styling tool storage:



I know we’re lucky to have a master bathroom.  I took it for granted until I got the impression from our next door neighbor that they DON’T have a separate bathroom and they share one with their two little kids.  I’m glad we have our own.  Incidentally, our hall bathroom/cat’s bedroom/guest bath looks strangely similar:


And on the other side of the bathroom wall:


Shoe storage.  Hair dryer storage.  Space for bedroom furniture or a dresser. 

But we have another idea.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!


*This post was originally from October 2010!  Somehow an edit caused it to repost in October 2011.  Go HERE to see the next post about our bathroom remodel!*

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