Hiding Electronics–the Cute Way

Remember this little pile of electronicrap in the unfinished nursery?


Yeah.  Awesome.  Because the phone jack in the “new office” doesn’t work, the router and modem have to stay in the baby’s room.

Only problem is that this little pile of plastic and wiring is so *blindingly* cute, I just had to find a way to cover it up to keep it from distracting from the other elements in the room. 


Hobby Lobby to the rescue! 

A small hole cut with a carpet knife…. masking tape to “finish” the edges, a case of hives for the husband who’s afraid I’m going to fry the modem in an enclosed space …


and the electronicrap is tucked away.


If the modem fries, my posting has been sporadic enough you probably won’t even notice my absence for a few days.


But I bet it’ll be okay Smile


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