And Then There Were Moldings…

Hellooooo!  I am so happy to report that the beautiful black moldings in the baby’s room are DONE!

Of course, it’s all the little finishing up that takes a while, like getting around to filling nail holes and touching up paint, but we finally got there.

Two weekends ago we actually put UP the moldings with the help of a new pneumatic brad nailer and compound mitre saw…and in the evenings last week we finished up bits here and there.

This post was actually supposed to be done last Friday, but my computer didn’t want to read the card from our new camera until Mr. Computer TwinkleToes could blink at it and make it work.  (That would be my husband.)

What can you do? 

Anyway, the nursery is still bare bones.

We do have a crib….in a box…in the basement…. and a glider has been ordered so we’re getting there Smile

But in the meantime….here’s the room in its bare-nekkid glory:

Neutral nursery, black crown molding, black chair rail, teal, black and white

Tree decal in nursery

Black crown molding and chairrail

Black crown molding and chairrail

For some reason, the phone jack in our new office doesn’t work, so the modem and router have to live in here.  Gorgeous, right?  At least it gives me an opportunity to find a creative way to hide them.

Black moldings with two tone walls

I don’t really dig the trim color (dinged up Dover White, anyone?) but all the upstairs trim and doors need to be repainted, so I’ll tackle that all at once…..someday!  After seeing how awesome amazing easy it was to use the new nail gun, I’m actually considering redoing all our baseboards (way) in the future.  We’ll see.  (Door casing does not a baseboard make, after all). 

Sandra over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps can be blamed for my fantasy of perfect trim; she just makes finish carpentry look way too easy for my own good.

Next up – the crib is getting assembled tonight!  And my sewing project is almost done as well (I actually had to look up a YouTube video on my lunch hour today to figure out how to do the last step, but now I’ve got it!) 

Here’s a little peek at the progress:

First sewing project with a pattern!

I think it may also be time for a late summer garden tour one of these days, and maybe even an update on the garage.  Nick got some more Fasttrack rails and a shelving system put up over the weekend, so it’s looking pretty durn (yes, DURN) organized out there. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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