Progress Report!

We just hit the 7 months mark with this pregnancy, and we finally have a crib!

Just call me the Roadrunner Smile


Or not.

Here it is online:


And here it is right now!


Exciting, right?

The nursery still needs molding and decal installation (this weekend I hope), so we still can’t really put anything in there yet, let alone furniture….but at least we have a crib!

(The mongoose currently doing somersaults in my belly is excited about that too.)

Another new purchase (even though it hasn’t arrived yet)…..



It’s a Nikon D3100!  So we can take good awesome pictures!  Now we’ll just need to learn how to use it and all of its cool settings.

Aside from these exciting and long-thought-out purchases, life seems to be moving pretty darn slowly.  It probably has something to do with our projects that have gone on forEVER and still aren’t quite done.  Nick did get 99% of the drywall done last weekend with the help of a friend.  Now we just have two funny triangle areas up at the top of the vaulted garage ceiling that need drywall, and I’m betting those won’t be much of a priority.  After we can haul all the wood and drywall scraps to the recycling center this weekend, I think I might mentally check the garage off as “done”…

Other good excuses for lack of project completion include a lot of friends-and-family time lately, which is nice.  Plus, I’ve been feeling pretty busy with the vegetable harvest.  We’ve got zucchini and yellow squash coming out our ears, and despite some kind of problem with the tomatoes (which is slowly turning them brown from the ground up) they’re putting out a ton of fruit as well.  

I’ve been making zucchini bread and homemade salsa, and shredding/chopping/freezing everything else.  The salsa was instant heartburn for me, so I’m not sure how many more batches I’ll make of that.  It’s good stuff….just not right now.


This brown stem issue seemed to happen last year too, but I blamed it on forgetting to fertilize.  But this year, the plants got fertilizer stakes when they were planted, so clearly we have other problems.  I suspect some crop rotation next year, and maybe some mulch (instead of just weed mat,) will make a difference.  In the meantime, I figure they’ll finally poop out right about the time I’m ready to be done with the veg garden anyway.

I’ve (of course) started a couple new projects this week.  Here’s a hint at one:


I’m still doing some cutting (and trying to figure out “straightening of the grain”) for this one as of today, but once the pieces are cut (straight or not!) it shouldn’t take long to put together.

Note to self:  find something better than a Sharpie and a yardstick for measuring and cutting fabric.

And here’s a hint at the other new project (ok, not much of a hint):


This one requires the help of my mom.  It’s a pretty complicated pattern, and I special-ordered the fabric (! woot!), so I want it to turn out …well, not wonky.  Me and my 3 hours of sewing experience probably just won’t cut it Smile.  Enter Mom to show me the ropes!   (At some point in the unknown future…you wouldn’t want me to be too committal, now would you?)

Aaaaaand…..that’s all I’ve got. 

The list for the weekend includes:  installing the decal (wait til you see it – SO cute), and at *least* cutting and painting the molding, if not installing it too.  Depending on how much of the molding Nick can/wants to do himself, I may even finish Sewing Project #1 so I actually have a finished project to brag about (yes, it might be wonky, but I will STILL brag).

Happy week, Peeps!


  1. Thanks for your comment! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply – I didn't notice it! The valance is from – they have some fantastic window treatment patterns.


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