Summer Project List 2011

Despite the next two weekends (possibly three) being taken up with various travels hither and yon, I thought I should update the “List” for the next few months.

Spring holdovers:

  • Paint porch ceiling finally
  • Sow sunflower seeds
  • Buy a bunch of cheap annuals and finish planting out the deck and porch containers (officially six more pots to plant!)
  • New living room window treatments – have the fabric and sewing machine, just need to jump in and get’er’done

Plus new summer projects:

The “Cloffice”: (awesome when I check things off before I even post the list!)

  • Paint and stencil closet;
  • Install desktop
  • Install floating shelves etc
  • Look for inexpensive roman blinds

Baby related:

  • Insulate and drywall garage (Nick is going to do at least part of this next week! YAY!)
  • Paint nursery – official color scheme: black, white, and teal
  • Decorate nursery


  • Living room wall art rearrange
  • Sell and replace existing coffee table (everyone who has ever tripped over this thing can thank me now – and that would be *everyone*!)
  • Sell my now-empty desk
  • Refinish hutch for buffet

And some more (wishful thinking?) ideas:

  • New master headboard 
  • Revamp guest room headboard
  • Address the newly barenekkid guest room window (for curtains – not the State of the Union…)
  • Build potting bench
  • Master bedroom built-ins (a spring to-do list holdover, but to be realistic, it probably belongs here instead of the immediate to-dos.)

Oh yeah, and I’ll be stuck on a business trip for the next few days, so I’ll have plenty of time to think of more projects.  Let me just add for a moment…..that finding professional looking maternity outfits is one serious challenge.  Hopefully everyone gives me a “pregnancy pass” for my attire… 

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