Nursery Ideas

We are rapidly approaching the halfway point of this pregnancy in a few days, and I’m just as rapidly feeling the onset of “oh crap! Nothing’s done!” panic.

Belly Week 19

I haven’t put more than a few minutes’ thought into the nursery other than how to get all the existing office furniture out of that room (and where to put it of course – check out the new cloffice/guest room to see what we did), so I really need to get down to baby business. 

I figure choosing colors is the place to start. 

We’ve decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, so we need to be careful to choose a color scheme and décor that’s flexible for a boy or a girl….and is not yellow.

Green I’ll consider….for now.  After all, it’s the color of plants and vegetation and it’s still early summer when I haven’t gotten sick of all that yet.  Ask me again in October how I feel about green and I might tell you to go jump in a lake…. so “green” is up in the air Smile 

My thoughts are to choose a scheme of two or three (or four?) colors that’s neutral or perhaps slightly on the baby boy-side of things….and then add pops of a girlier color if baby turns out to be a girl. 

Speaking of which, most likely, baby will be a girl. 


Because we have a collectively odd sense of humor and we’ve been referring to he or she as “Herman”.  Irony suggests that Herman will therefore turn out to be a decidedly un-Herman girl baby.  Meanwhile, I’ll spare you from the eccentric humor that caused us to fall upon the name Herman.

(You’re welcome – and no, if it’s a boy we’re not naming it Herman.)

I was at a baby shower for a friend not too long ago and came home with a “great idea!” for nursery colors:  teal, chocolate brown, and lime.  Plum shades would be the girly color added later.

It could either be the four shades on the right, then add purple, or it could be the three in the middle and add purple for a girl or lime for a boy (or skip lime altogether).

Color scheme idea

Only problem is….without realizing it, I’m pretty sure I totally hijacked my friend’s nursery colors after (duh) seeing them in various gifts etc she was opening. 

So now I feel like I should probably try to be a little more creative.

The next color idea is black and white and teal.  And then add plum for a baby girl or lime for a boy.  I dig plum.  It was one of our wedding colors. Smile  Teal would’ve been a wedding color too but gold seemed better for a January wedding. 

Color scheme idea 4

Here’s some cute use of black and white:


(sorry, I have no idea where I got this picture weeks ago…)

And a more subtle play on black and white with beautiful use of mismatched furniture:


Again, sorry no credit back to the source.  These are from my “idea files”.

Once the colors are figured out….I know I definitely want a tree mural on one wall (either painted on or a decal).  Something like these:






The colors are blocking any ideas beyond these, so I guess we need to figure those out first, then we can move forward. 

Any fabulous ideas out there?  Peanut Gallery, come in…. Smile

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  1. I quite like your black, white and teal idea. It's been a while since I've had a newborn, but I seem to remember something about babies preferring black and white geometric designs. I remember once seeing framed posters and book covers of children's lit. classics and I always meant to do that in a baby's room, but I got too busy.Congratulations, by the way!


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