Spring Project List Update

Whew!  It’s been a busy May, like it is every year.  In the last couple of weeks we’ve had 2 graduation parties, a birthday party, a baby shower, a garden swap event, and out of town guests (or we were the out of town guests) nearly every weekend.  When we were home, it was catch-up time to get chores and errands done. 

So with all this hubbub, it’s definitely time for an update of the to-do list!

Here was the project list I put up way back in…..oh, early March?

Let’s see how I did….

  • Homemade rain barrel Go here to get the dish. 
  • Make and put up clematis trellises – 3 of them  Check it out here.
  • Master bedroom “built ins” and window treatments (bwahahahaha! I got the curtain rod up and stole the guest room curtains, does that count?)
  • Make compost platform/compost sifter out of mystery wooden box The wooden box will be going to the dump soon.  It’s too decrepit to modify.
  • Prime and paint porch ceiling
  • Repair side fence
  • Plant veggie garden
  • Plant 2 new clematis – one on deck, one on side fence
  • Plant lilac and Karl Foerster
  • Sow sunflower, cuke, and squash seeds
  • Nursery Trip: 
    • Perennials: Shasta daisy, new hosta, whatever else
    • Annuals:  alyssum, petunias, planter fillers etc
  • Plant pots (half are planted)

And the “if it works out” projects that may end up summer projects:

  • Revamp mom’s country bench for porch I dig my new yellow bench.
  • New living room window treatments – bought the fabric!
  • Fix/improve guest headboard  Plans have changed – there’s no longer any room for a headboard!

Not too bad Smile  The summer list is coming soon, and there are already some things to cross off!

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