A Little Surprise

Hello blog buddies! 

Yet again, I must apologize for my rather slow posting these last few weeks.  As I’ve said before, I haven’t really gotten much done around here.  Ok, in six weeks, I haven’t really gotten *anything* done.  Yeesh. 

But this time, I’m going to pull my best  ace excuse out of my sleeve (and no, it’s not “sheer laziness” or even “vacation”….)


I’m pregnant Smile  (Sounds so weird to me…!)

We found out in March that we’re expecting our first baby, and boy (or girl), it’s been kicking my patootie.

I had no idea “morning sickness” (what a misnomer) could last all day.  Or that I would be starving hungry *constantly*….but that nothing would ever sound or look good to eat.  Or that all I would want to do is lie around.

But ANYHOO!  We will officially enter the second trimester tomorrow (whoop!!), and I’ve been feeling much better and more energetic for about two weeks now.

So now the fun begins!  Not only can we catch up on lots of things house-related, but of course, baby fun can start now, too!  We have to figure out where to put the little bundle, where everything else will go, and how to make it all cute and functional, hopefully without spending a ton of dough. Open-mouthed smile  After all, saving dough is my M.O.! (har! har! I crack myself up…)

And we have until November 1st to get’er’done.  That’s right – I’m due on 11/1/11!  Pretty cool I think.  (A Halloween baby would be fun too!)

I am officially the least experienced baby-person EVER (no really….I think I’ve dealt with a single poopy diaper in my life and that was on a toddler), so this could get interesting.

Won’t you waddle along with me?


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